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AllStars 2K24

3 - 4 August 2024
MECC Maastricht
Paul-Henri Spaaklaan Maastricht, Pays Bas
Parking P1 & Parking P2
Car admission
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Free for children under 16 years old (no need ticket).
03/08/2024 09:00 - 04/08/2024 18:00 MECC Maastricht
Paul-Henri Spaaklaan Maastricht, Pays Bas
Parking P1 & Parking P2

Dive into the heart of automotive magnificence at the ALLSTARS 2K24, a premier international event hosted in the expansive MECC in Maastricht. This event transforms a massive 30,000m² indoor space into a showcase of automotive excellence, featuring an impressive lineup of 550 meticulously selected cars. The event is a celebration of the finest in automotive culture, blending the allure of classic designs with the innovation of modern engineering. Open only to a select range of vehicles, ALLSTARS 2K24 promises an exclusive display where each car exemplifies top-tier quality, from expertly installed rims to precision lowering, ensuring a show floor filled with flawless and completed projects.

The ALLSTARS 2K24 is more than just a display of beautiful cars; it's an immersive experience for true automotive enthusiasts. Strict guidelines ensure the event maintains its exclusive and respectful atmosphere, with no sound systems, burnouts, or on-site car traffic, preserving the integrity and focus on the vehicles themselves. The event also provides convenient amenities, including food and drink options, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable visit. With its commitment to showcasing only the best in the automotive world, the ALLSTARS Car Show, curated by the passionate Risenation Team, is an unmissable event for every car enthusiast looking to witness the pinnacle of automotive artistry and craftsmanship.

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