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The Hall of Fame is a 20,000 square meter indoor lounge that brings together more than 350 exceptional cars and professionals from the world of stance from all over Europe. They will share their passion and their advice with you. Come and discover unique models and meet professionals in a family-friendly atmosphere. Activities will be planned all day to entertain both young and old.

Through the Hall of Fame, Risenation decides to go further and offer a high-level international selection indoors.

Address : Plattebeekstraat 1, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

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AllStars 2K24

3 - 4 August 2024
MECC Maastricht
Paul-Henri Spaaklaan Maastricht, Pays Bas
Parking P1 & Parking P2

French Chapter IV

31 - 1 September 2024
Château Laverdines
Rte de la Chapelle, 18800 Baugy, France